DIRECTORGiovanni Di Minno Ground floor ed. 1 phone. 0817462060

Nicola Caporaso




phone. 0817462761


Admninistrative Secretary
Departmental Secretary
Teaching Office

Departmental Council

Council is composed by all the teachers, researchers and the following representatives:

Representatives of Technical and Administrative Staff

Students’ Representatives


Representative of Research Fellow


Council’s Committee

Committee for Training activities


Committee for Research activities


Committee for Security and Common Servicies


Committee for relations withAID and the University Hospital


Committee for Department’s Planning and Development


Committee contracts, agreements, third parties, enhancement of research products

Department’s Junta

Fabio Ayala  tel. 0817462450
Guglielmo Borgia  tel. 0817063083
Brunella Capaldo  tel. 0817462311
Nicola Caporaso  tel. 0817462761
Chiara Carlomagno  tel. 0817464271
Fabiana Castiglione  tel. 0817473849
Annamaria Colao  tel. 0817462132
Giovanni Domenico De Palma  tel. 0817462773
Pietro Forestieri  tel. 0817462845
Cesare Formisano  tel. 0817463485
Giuseppe Galloro  tel. 0817462046
Giovanni Lupoli  tel. 0817462427
Mauro Mormile  tel. 0817062887
Fabrizio Pane  tel. 0817462037
Angela Rivellese  tel. 0817462154
Alessandro Sanduzzi  tel. 0817062649
Silvia Savastano  tel. 0817463779
Raffaele Scarpa  tel. 0817462126
Pasquale Strazzullo  tel. 0817463686